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VAIS PDF Reader makes PDFs easy to read without converting them into a different format such as Microsoft Word
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1 September 2015

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PDF files are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing formats for disseminating compiled information. VAIS PDF Reader makes PDFs easy to read without converting them into a different format such as Microsoft Word. It comes with an enhanced PDF reading engine that is 100% compatible with any PDF file scanned, image-only, from email, the web, etc.
VAIS PDF Reader takes its efficiency to a completely new level by allowing users to read PDF document smoothly. You can switch to any page without any sluggish experience. Hundreds of pages document will take you only a few seconds to load! It can help you change the unsatisfied viewing by specifying the zooming options.
Bookmarks are accessible from VAIS PDF Reader sidebar. VAIS PDF Reader also provides readers with a thumbnail preview of each page, by hitting which you can jump to the page you want. Besides, it makes editing a lot easier by converting PDF to other formats like Word, Excel, JPG, HTML, etc. You can freely manipulate the content of the PDF document without the need of retyping the data.
VAIS PDF Reader is able to analyze PDFs to understand the associated threats so as to guard your data accordingly. You can associate PDF documents with VAIS PDF Reader to make it as the default program.
VAIS PDF Reader raises your productivity by quickly activating the printer whenever you need to print out the PDF. It allows you to go even further that any PDF document created from another file format can be sent to your friends directly via VAIS PDF Reader if you choose "Email". It makes the PDF content indexed and searchable if you need to search for text in more than 10000 pages. What you need to do is simply input the content and wait for the highlighted searching result for detail checking.
VAIS PDF Reader creates keyboard shortcuts for anything so as to help you to get your work completed faster. Once you get the corresponding keys in place, you will wonder why you didn't use them sooner.

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